The story of John Dallas and his family

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He's pruning God's roses now

Bertram John Dallas, 81, passed away February 27, 2000

~ Born June 9, 1918 - Died February 27, 2000 ~

John in the military, Fort Lewis 1949 John in the military

Bertram John Dallas, 81, passed away February 27, 2000 at his home in Napa, California, of cancer. John was a native of San Francisco who entered active military service in 1938 from the National Guard. He fought in World War II, at Anzio beachhead, jumped with the 82nd Airborne in Holland, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and in the Korean Conflict, where he was awarded the Silver and Bronze stars.
Upon retirement from the U.S. Army in 1963, he continued college for a Bachelor's degree in Vocational Education and a Master's of Science in rehabilitation counseling. He held numerous teaching and counseling credentials. John taught in the Napa Valley Unified School District Experimental Forest, and at Napa and Solano colleges.
John in the military John in his garden, Napa 1999 Upon moving his family to Mt. George Avenue in Napa, Calif., he turned this one-and-a-half acre horse pasture into what is today "John's Rose Garden." He eagerly greeted hundreds of visitors every rose blooming season when the garden was opened to the public. On May 6th following John's passing the garden was open to the public once more in his honor and memory. The event was such a success John's family decided as long as the garden could be kept up that there will be a "Memorial Open Garden" each year. The garden will be open one or two days on a weekend late in April or early May when the garden is in full bloom and it is at its best. The exact date will be posted here when it has been set.
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Many fellow rose lovers, friends and family members attended the services for John, which were held March 3, 2000 at Treadway and Wigger Funeral Chapel in Napa, Calif. All attending agreed that the Rev. Kenneth Stuckey of Napa Valley Evangelical Free Church did a wonderful job officiating. Interment was private in the family lot at Tulocay Cemetery also in Napa, Calif.


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  • Open Garden 2001 ~ Letter to The Napa Valley Register from John's wife Gladys thanking the folks from the local paper for there part in making the 2001 open garden event a great success.  (Added Feb 23, 2002)
  • John's Last Open Garden ~ This is a 1998 news release written by John Dallas that announces his open garden celebration. In his telling you about his garden you get a view into the man and possibly get some idea why we created this site to honor him.  (Added Aug 16, 2000 ~ page updated 03/17/01)
  • Miniature Rose Care ~ Care & feeding instructions for miniature roses written by John Dallas.  (Added March 17, 2001)
  • Napa Valley mourns death of its ubiquitous rose gardener ~ March 3, 2000 article in The Napa Valley Register on John Dallas' passing.
  • John Dallas: A man for all seasons ~ April 2000 article by Nancy Brennan, based on her story which appeared in the Napa County Record April 19, 1990  (Added Aug 15, 2000)
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  • Tribute to John Dallas ~ July 7, 2000 Letter to the Editor of the Napa Sentinel and the reply from John's wife Gladys.  (Added Jul 31, 2000)
  • Donations ~ If you wish to pay your respect to John Dallas any help you can offer with gardening would be appreciated or you can contribute to the scholarship fund that has been established in John's name at Napa Valley College.

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