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Recent additions and updates to the garden

  • Rose photo added May 2005   Like any normal garden John's Rose Garden requires maintenance.  I am sorry I haven't been keeping up with the weeding out of the less popular pictures and the adding of one new ones.  It's too much like yard-work.  However, I am promising that I will try to add a couple of new photographs of the garden and close-ups of its flowers each month.  Check the Closeup Index web page and the Garden's Rose List web page first.  If you see that I've gotten something wrong or you find any bad links please let me know at
    #1, #2 Added May 2005 ~ 2 close-ups of The Green Rose
     Added July 10 & 12, 2001 ~ 5 close-ups starting & ending with the 2001 Barbara Striesand rose
     Added July 4, 2001 ~ 4 rose close-ups taken during the May 2001 Open Garden
  • John was 'just doing his job' ~ John's wife Gladys tells how as a young English schoolgirl in 1944 she met her American "hero" that became her mate for over 50 years. Printed as a Letter to the Editor in The Napa Valley Register in May 2002.  Added June 4, 2002
  • Closeup Rose Photo Index Links directory Closeup Index Links Page ~ This page is a work in progress. Literally hundreds of roses in John's Rose Garden are identified by name with garden tags. Unfortunately the majority of the pictures here aren't labeled. Most of the photographs were not taken with a web site in mind. This index contains only those rose pictures that we have been able to name. At this time we are adding information about the pictured flower on the enlargements that rose fanciers might find useful. Let us know if you see any facts you don't agree with.
  • Links and AwardsLINKS page ~ This page is also a work in progress and currently only has a list of the rose sellers John did business with and that he probably would recommend. Sorry we can't tell you how they are as far as ordering online. Dad never visited a web page and never ever sent or received a single email. If you know of a web site you feel should be included please send me its URL at the email address below. Recommended sites must be rose related and either offer good advice or have pictures of roses or rose gardens. Commercial sites will be considered only if they have something unique to offer a rose lover, after all, these will be sites John would have recommended.
  • List of Roses in the garden Rose List ~ A list of over 260 of the roses in John's Rose Garden with color and type information. Added quick jump buttons.   Updated May 18, 2002  Links to photos are now added to this list with each picture addition.
  • Miniature Rose Care ~ Care & feeding instructions for miniature roses written by John Dallas.  Added March 18, 2001
  • Open Garden News Release ~ This 1998 news release, sent to local Napa Valley newspapers by John Dallas, announces his own open garden celebration for that year. In his own words John writes about his garden. The piece gives you a view into the man who we created this site to honor.  Updated March 18, 2001 for budget web designs Page created: MARCH 2001 ~ Updated: Tuesday, June 4, 2002Web Design Portfolio